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about us

Company Profile

Lihong Art Company is a treasure trove of resin figurines. It has got over 20,000 unique items - from 8 inch to 60 inch. It would cost more than 25 million dollars for any new resin figurine vendor to build up this incredibly large collection from scratch.

To make a casual review of all those Lihong figurines would take a person one full day, even just perusing the printed photos or watching them on a computer screen.

How, then, is Lihong Art able to amass such a legendary range of unique figurines? It's an interesting story. Let's tell it to you now in the shortest possible way.

Our Story

Well, it all started when Simon and Selena, running an exporter company in Taipei, Taiwan, decided to have 'items of their own' for exporting in year 1994, and not selling other people's stuffs.

Simon bought a small resin factory and moved it to China, hiring that previous owner (Mr. Kao) to manage this China based resin factory. In early 1995 this little factory produced 24 new resin figurines and Mr. Simon took them to Birmingham, UK for Spring Show. Over there he got a very big order (of some 150,000 US dollar worth). Immediately Mr. Kao resigned leaving a new factory head-less. Well, it turned out that he was banking on Simon giving up this new enterprise and sold the whole thing back to him. At that moment, this seems to be the only thing Simon could do, as he himself was busy in Taipei, Taiwan not possible to manage a factory in China.

That has worked wonders ever since. This is natural, as we have too many great items.

We of course are still developing new items. Recently we are developing some Buddhist, Assyrian, Sumerian, Gargoyle and Chinese classic art pieces. We can undertake to develop any type of new items. As usual Selena is very enthusiastic in development work.


In this website we will try to display some of our best sellers. Once you make test order and found our products to be in good demand in your market, we will send you the full collection (over 20,000 items, you need to buy a new disk for them) for your careful study.