Green Hued Iguana Garden Water Spitter Sculpture

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Truly a rock star!  This bright green iguana with an open mouth sits down and has a scaly back and a striped tail all over the display.

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So realistic you’ll swear he moves, our brightly hued iguana with whip-like tail spits water from his tropical stone perch. Since exotic beauty is in the details, our Design Toscano-exclusive, hand-cast designer resin reptile spitter with masterful hand-painted embellishments, is sure to bring your pond or water feature to life with its realism.

Our piped statue is expertly engineered with 12 mm copper internal tubing and, with the addition of our optional pump and tube kit, will spit water to provide a focal point and also oxygenate your pond or water feature with the soothing sounds of water music.

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