How to make resin crafts to be simple and beautiful?

As a slightly high-end crafts, resin crafts are not particularly popular now, but many people like to make and display them. So how are resin crafts made? How is it maintained?

There is a young man in Gaotang County, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province. His surname is Wang. He is called Master Xiao Wang. He is less than 30. But after graduating from junior high school, he and his father made resin crafts and saw how complicated crafts are. I tried to ask him, how is such a complicated handicraft made? Does it require a lot of special craftsmanship, Master Xiao Wang said, design the shape of resin crafts, and then use silicone rubber to make molds. There are a lot of special processes in it, and it’s not clear at once, you need to speak slowly later, and add appropriate fillers to the unsaturated resin and stir evenly.

Here comes the second question. Looking at such a high-end handicraft, how should we maintain it? Master Xiao Wang said that the maintenance method of resin crafts is not too difficult, because they are crafts, they need to be cleaned, polished and handled with care.

Many handicrafts are basically different in shape. The material is resin, like glass, but not glass. Looking at this handicraft that Master Xiao Wang took, you must handle it with care. The models are more complicated and many There are sharp corners in the place. If you touch a small place, it is not like other products that can be repaired. If it breaks a little bit, it is a second defective product. Let’s take a look at whether the crafts are a bit complicated and a little high-end, I feel Generally, it’s best not to do it in your own home. If you like it, or for mass production, it’s better to have a venue dedicated to do this.

Post time: Nov-25-2021