Romantic Nude Lovers Eye Gazing Figurine, Romantic Statue Decor

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Just lost in the eyes of each other! this romantic figurine is depicting this message of love for each other!

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Looking for a perfect decor for your bedroom, something which could represent your love for your partner, the no more searching this unique romantic figurine of a couple is the perfect art, you won’t find anywhere else.

This romantic statue depicts two lovers looking into each other’s eyes, this nude couple represents the love for each other and expressing it by wrapping in each other’s feelings & emotions of love.

Lost in the romantic look of love, two lovers are wrapped in the mystery of each other in a quality designer bronze statue finished in a dark, gallery bronze. Contemporary artist Kaleb Martyn raises any room’s sensual quotient with his exotic, 360-degree nude sculpture exclusively for Design Toscano that turns heads toward the figurine from any angle.

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