Winged Demonic Statue Sitting On Pedestal Figurine, Gargoyle On A Pedestal, Evil Devil Decor Figurine

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This Winged Demonic Gargoyle Sitting On A Pedestal Is A Great Decorative Art As Well As A Protector Guardian For Your Home.

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You could place this winged demonic gargoyle statue in any part of your home indoors or outdoors, it will protect your home from any evil eye, with its powerful wings, its muscular haunches, and spiny talons, meant to scare away evil spirits and provides protection to your home.

It’ll also easily fit in your outdoor settings on the lawn, as in a flower bed or sitting near a tree or fountain.

This winged watchman Gargoyle Demonic Sculpture is made of high quality and durability resin material, hand painted and polished individually, and captures every available detail to depict the Gothic protector of people. A protective coating is also done to ensure that it doesn’t fade or chip in the sun and water.

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